I create my custom jewelry designs using the “Lost Wax Casting Technique”. I carve a wax pattern to the exact shape and size desired and then transform this pattern into a precious metal duplicate. During this process the original wax pattern is lost, through melting, providing the space for the molten gold to occupy. This process gives the opportunity for my customer to review the pattern and approve it, or decide an alteration is called for, at which point the wax pattern can be altered and then re-reviewed. It's my experience that when a customer likes the wax, they will love the finished piece.

The types of custom projects are:

• Design modifications to accommodate a different stone size, a different stone type,
  or different precious metal.
• Duplicating one of my existing designs, but scaling the proportions up or down from the
• Creating a new design based on aspects of my pre-existing designs.
• Designing a new jewelry item from scratch based on a collaborative, and interactive
  process, using either new gemstones or a customers gemstones obtained through
  inheritance, travel, or the repurposing of stones from their existing jewelry.

The five basic steps of the custom design process:

Verbal investigation
  Through talking, asking questions, and careful listening, I discover what is liked and what is disliked. Through looking at photographs, wax patterns, and samples the creative field is narrowed and defined.

Lists and sketches
  This exploration process leads to the creation of a list of qualities, and preferences applicable to the design project. Many times design ideas are sketched out at the initial meeting, leading to an agreed set direction. However sometimes I will need to take the information gathered back to my studio and with a little time and contemplation, develop the design solutions that will best satisfy my customer.

Job estimate
  When the design parameters have been defined I will present a job-pricing estimate. The decision to move forward, or not, is then made by the prospective customer. To move forward, a 50% deposit is then required. Custom jobs are usually half down half on delivery however there are exceptions to this when expensive gemstones are involved.

Wax model creation and review
  I then create a three-dimensional wax model to review, at our next meeting. This wax model is a work in progress and can either be approved of in it’s first draft version or after subsequent modifications. Your complete satisfaction is my aim and goal. When the wax model is approved I can then proceed to the completion phase in precious metal.

  The wax pattern is then transformed using the “Lost Wax Casting Technique” into a precious metal duplicate of the original wax pattern. This casting is then filed, sanded, buffed, and polished into the finished piece of jewelry. Setting the gemstones, if any, completes the creation.

  While many of my custom creations involve direct, in person, interactions with my clients, I can also create custom work when my customer is at a distance, through fax, phone, e-mail, and physical mail.

  If you have a custom project in mind please give me a call and let's explore if your project is a fit for my services.

  Thank you.