Gold runs deep in Clay Kirchenbauer’s family history, his great great grandfather having emigrated from England to work at hard rock gold mining in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

  Clay’s passion for jewelry making came early to him, beginning as a hobby at the age of 12, he spent his teen years learning the foundations of jewelry making and gemstone cutting.

  As a young man in 1978 he began his professional jewelry experience working in the trade for San Francisco Bay Area custom jewelry stores, executing their custom design orders. Later in his career he transition to servicing his own clients with a line of his designs as well as his custom design services.

  All of his work is made using the lost wax casting process. Using 14K and 18K karat gold, platinum and fine gemstones he creates functional wearable works of art.

  After three decades of hand crafting a wide array of fine gold jewelry he offers a classic contemporary line of
jewelry as well as the opportunity to collaborate to create designs with personal meaning.

  "To me bringing a thought, an idea, from the mind into a beautifully finished reality is a magical act that is greatly satisfying. And then to pass that on to my customer for
their joy, … wonderful."